Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Searching for Dillypoo

Have you seen this blogger? She used to be a skinny little thing, usually found out on a trail near the river, running her formerly fat arse off. She disappeared a few months ago.

Have you seen her?

Every time I go looking, I find her Inner Child instead. That selfish, impulsive, spoiled little brat of self-indulgence who has apparently knocked Dillypoo senseless and locked her in a cupboard somewhere.

But I can hear Dillypoo out there, trying to be heard over her Inner Child again. This morning, before the brat was fully awake, I heard her cheer as she ate a healthy breakfast and packed a gym bag with workout clothes.

And for the first time in months, Dillypoo overrode her Inner Child's objections and put on those workout clothes and went for a 3 mile walk during lunch. Afterwards, while the petulant brat was sulking, Dillypoo had a sensible sandwich from Subway and registered for not one, but two 5K walks.

The search parties need to keep searching, though, so Dillypoo doesn't disappear completely. She's out there and wants desperately to come back.

Have you seen her?


Alison said...

I had just come to check on you a month or so ago, hoping you were too busy having fun to blog. Cheers to your Inner Dillypoo for taking those important first steps!

Wanna know a secret? I am in the process of being laid off from my job, and currently find myself with the next month wide open, with no schedule. But I am scheduling myself regular visits to the gym, after a year of absence. So I am in a similar place and can empathize. Don't let any guilt get in your way!

Dillypoo said...

Thanks for not giving up on me! Scary about the job, but I've been there, done that. It can be an empowering experience if you allow it. It's amazing what we can accomplish when life forces us to make changes.

Lyn said...

Hey, I haven't checked over here for quite some time. I hope you "find yourself"... it can be hard sometimes. Don't give up.